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A new portal for neutron scattering has just been established at The information contained here in the Neutron Scattering Web has been transferred to the new site. We will leave the current content here for archival purposes but no new content will be added. We encourage everyone interested in neutron scattering to take full advantage of this exciting new resource for our community.

Proposal Deadlines | Job Announcements

Proposal Deadlines

Institute Submission Deadline* Experiment Period
North America
NCNR September 10, 2012
ORNL September 5, 2012 January - June, 2013
LANSCE May 21, 2012
CNBC, Chalk River continuous proposal system
ISIS October 16, 2012
ILL September 17, 2012
LLB 1 May and 1 November annually
BENSC 1 March and 1 September annually
FRM II January 25, 2013
SINQ November 15, 2012
Asia and Australia
ANSTO September 15, 2012
J-PARC December 7, 2011

* This information was automatically obtained from the respective websites and we cannot guarantee that it is correct. Please verify dates with the individual facilities.

Job Announcements

February 25, 2011

Jülich Center for Neutron Science (JCNS)

Job Title 3 Physicists – Instrument layout and simulation - Post Doc
Contact Michael Monkenbusch <>
Description For planning and design work on neutron scattering instruments for the upcoming European Spallation Source (ESS) we are searching 3 scientists with a strong background in physics. The work is part of the German contribution to the "Design-update phase" of the ESS and will be executed in Jülich. The tasks comprise the conceptual layout and design of neutron diffractometers and spectrometers that may be build at the ESS and their optimisation to the parameters of the long pulse spallation neutron source ESS. After an initial layout phase using analytical considerations further assessment of concepts and designs shall be conducted using computer simulation codes (e.g. McStas and VITESS). For the verification of certain results experiments at existing instruments and test beam lines in Garching (FRMII), Berlin (HZB) and Oak Ridge (SNS) can be performed. The project requires close collaboration and information exchange with the ESS-AB organization in Lund (Sweden).

Introduction into the field and support by experienced scientists and engineers in Jülich will be given throughout.

Qualifications and skills required:
A university degree plus a PhD in physics; ability to work in an interdisciplinary and international team; ability to work on your own initiative; ability to collaborate with research groups from FZJ and external users; knowledge on the field of scattering experiments or optics; computer skills, in particular knowledge of C/C++; willingness to travel to other institutions and facilities for information exchange and experiments.